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Rohan Infotech - Products -Server Rack

Server Rack

Server Enclosure Racks
Server Racks, Manufacturer Server Rack,Server Racks IndiaRohan Infotech provides top of the line server rack enclosure cabinets for any data center environment, large or small. Offering sizes compatible with 19" rack mount equipment from all computer manufactures. We provide Customized rack to suit your needs or choose from our line of preconfigured cabinets.

Rohan Infotech also carries a complete line of accessories, including; Shelves, power strips, fans, vented/solid doors and side panels.

Small Cabinet Solutions
The Table Rack series is designed for table-top and floor standing use. The 6U, 9U, 12U or 15U racks accept all equipment conforming to 19" rack mounting specifications. The Table Rack series is suitable for housing servers, networking equipment, analytical equipment, production test and measuring instruments.

LAN/LAB Furniture
Rohan Infotech's full line of shelving is perfect for organizing tower and desktop machines in a computer lab environment. Heavy duty shelves and work surfaces provide a perfect station for computer assembly and system burn-in operations.

With widths ranging from 24" to 72" and included locking wheels, these units will fit into any environment. Shelves hold up to 500 pounds of load.

Number of different accessories are available to custom build a total solution for you business according to your requirement.

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